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FlexiCapture Engine 10

Developer Webinar: Intelligent data capture, right-out-of-the-box!

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Introducing ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 10

Intelligent data capture. Out-of-the-box ease. 60-Day FREE Trial. 

Self-learning technologies, automatic classification, world leading accuracy. New FlexiCapture Engine 10 integrates the widest range of cutting-edge technologies into a comprehensive SDK for intelligent capture of forms and data.

Ready to go, right out of the box.

Immediate productivity, no steep learning curves. New tools simplify your development work and let you create working prototypes quickly. For example, FlexiCapture Engine 10 automatically learns the initial rules for data lookup and setup – just point and click on sample documents and it’s trained in minutes.

Shorter development cycles, world-leading accuracy.

The fastest way to integrate data and document capture technologies into server, desktop and mobile applications, FlexiCapture Engine 10 delivers the power to extract data from virtually any form or unstructured document. Advanced RAD and comprehensive code samples shorten time-to-market while ensuring the highest accuracy.

Rocket your productivity with features and benefits that include:

New! Auto-Learning. Create data extraction systems just by pointing and clicking on sample documents! FlexiCapture Engine 10 learns patterns of documents automatically, enabling data capture training to be accomplished in minutes.

New! Auto-Classification. Speed time-to-market with shorter, more accurate training phases! Enabling you to leverage classification into the document import workflow, this feature eliminates extra steps – meaning faster development cycles. Plus, automatic document classification training is available via the demo tool and API.

Improved! Semi- and non-structured document processing. Remarkable accuracy translates into higher productivity! ABBYY capture technology automatically locates and extracts data from documents with amazing accuracy, despite the complexity of layouts.

Plus much more!

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